Shari’s Story

My father was a Baptist Minister, my mother a Sunday school teacher. While I was growing up we went to retirement homes every Sunday afternoon to visit with some very lonely people, in an effort to brighten their day. These experiences guided me towards a compassionate heart, and today I continue to cultivate compassion and unconditional love through my volunteer work with hospice. I am honored to be a part of Hospice, even if all I’m doing is sitting with someone and holding their hand.

I performed my first wedding in 1998, the year my granddaughter was born – and have brought more than 500 couples together over the years. I love to be a part of people’s special day, the day they promise unconditional love to one another. I also officiate funerals and memorial services where I strive to provide kind words at difficult time.

“The art of marriage is an act of faith and personal commitment. It has been described as the best relationship that can exist between two people. It is a commitment that requires and deserves daily attention. Marriage should be a lifelong act of loving kindness, backed with the will to make it last.”

– Shari Lynn

I offer a non-religious wedding ceremony that is thoughtful and spiritual, tailored to meet your wishes.

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