Memorial Services

Generally, the reason people hold memorial services is to give meaning to a person’s life and to remember the person in the light of loving kindness. It is a public show of support for all who gather and it provides a way to acknowledge the important ways the deceased touched their lives. Memorials and funeral services can provide a wonderful opportunity for family and friends to gather and openly remember the loved one, while offering comfort and support to all who gather together.

The act of planning a special funeral or memorial service can provide much comfort to survivors and can actually provide a creative outlet and a meaningful way to work through loss and grief.

A memorial service can be held as part of a funeral service or afterwards following a funeral or burial. There is no set time frame as to when you should hold a memorial service to remember and honor the deceased. The idea behind a service is to express one’s love and affection in a meaningful commemorative ceremony.

Close family and friends can also be comforted during the time of loss by sharing a funeral poem, quote, story or other reading during the service as well and I work to help facilitate the funeral or memorial presentation according to the family’s desire.

Funeral and memorial services offer a meaningful way for family members and survivors to acknowledge loss and to symbolically release the loved one to the next level of existence, whatever that may be. I am honored to offer my services to provide a few word during such a difficult time.

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