Reiki Healing

I have been providing Reiki healing therapy for more than 20 years. To me, Reiki is the process of healing using the power of energy. Reiki is different from conventional healing methods because there are no medicines or instruments required to heal diseases and alleviate pain. Rather a Reiki practitioner will direct focused energy towards the body through the hands amplified by the power of meditation.

Reiki therapy works by transferring energy from the practitioner and directing it towards the patient. The energy is summoned through the proper visualization of Reiki symbols known to contain energy. Reiki symbols help a to focus the energy, it is not the primary source of the healing power itself.

The ultimate life energy source, which is called the Universal Life Energy, is the main foundation of Reiki. The whole idea of this art is to control that enormous energy, using it to heal, improve, and balance one’s self as well as others.

Reiki therapies have been known to improve one’s sense of spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being. A Reiki session more often than not initiates a sense of deep relaxation and helps relieve a person’s sense of pain and suffering. After a therapy session the goal is to restore a patient’s energy balance allowing the body’s natural healing process to take over. In essence a Reiki session gives a boost to the body’s immune system and eases the sense of pain and discomfort.

Reiki therapy can provide enormous help to patients, particularly to the terminally ill. When conventional medicines and healing methods cease, Reiki can, at the very least, help improve the quality of a person’s life. Reiki therapy is widely used these days to help people with cancer, autoimmune diseases and other disorders providing a way to manage their diseases better. It can also help in addressing addictions, mental concerns, and emotional problems. Those who are suffering from depression, anxiety or panic attacks can benefit greatly from this type of energy work as well.

The human body is actually governed by energy which can be free flowing, or are stuck at certain points. In Reiki, we work to get those blocks out of the way so that energy is able to flow naturally. Most people feel warmth or a tingling sensation on certain points of the body during a session as energy is channeled from the body’s chakras or energy centers from the head to the feet. It will move to dissipate all blockages that are causing diseases and spiritual concerns in that person.

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